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Air Plants (Tillandsia) have a remarkable ability of being able to capture all their water and nutrients through tiny scales on their leaf surface. Strong and resistant, they are highly adaptable and require minimal care.

The Tillandsias we provide are grown and handpicked in Guatemala. We offer a wide variety and different sizes of healthy Air Plant which will for sure bring a touch of craziness and a joyful atmosphere to your home décor. 


Native to South America, mainly Mexico and Guatemala, this warm and fuzzy looking Tillandsia Air Plant with bright green color is named Caput Medusae. It snake-shaped leaves are sure to add a uniqueness and exotic flair to any living environment.

The Tillandsia Caput-Medusae is an easy-care indoor plant, perfect for first time plant owner.



Tillandsia Magnusiana is a soft leaved variety of air plant that prefers good air circulation and more mild temperatures. This air plant species is native to South America, in area from Mexico to Honduras.

Magnusiana will a thick red tract that will have beautiful purple flowers. This species forms discards that appear to grow inside the mother plant after flowers.


Capitata Peach

The Capitata Peach Tillandsia is a stunning Air Plant with wide, thick and sturdy leaves that are soft to the touch. Despite its delicate look and symmetrical form, Tillandsia Capitata Peach is very easy to care for.

This Air Plants is named for the blushing peachy pink color that the leaves develop during its blooming period.



Tillandsia Fasciculata is native to Central America, Mexico, West Indie, and Northern South America. It has multiple common names, including quill-leaf air plant, giant air plant or wild pineapple. This specie is one of the most commonly grown air plant and has many variations and hybrids. Its leaf color is green and has a linear shape.




This dense green air plant has sturdy wide leaves that grow one upon the other. It starts life with a deep green coloring, and with time will transition into a red-pink color. This variety likes sun and will change colors when displayed in a sunny spot by a window or patio.


Melanocrater Tricolor

The Tillandsia melanocrater tricolor is a unique air plant with stiff leaves that grow upward in a vertical shape. Because of its singular shape, this indoor plant looks great in holder and terrariums.

In its bloom cycle, this striking air plant will blush a reddish-purple color and will emit yellow and red bloom tract with purple flowers.



Originally native to Mexico, Costa Rica and certain regions of South America, Ionantha Air Plant is one of the most striking and sought Tillandsia. Ionanthas are very healthy plants that require minimal attention and the plant starts its life with small green and silver leaves. As the plant grow, the leaves begin to extend outwards while getting to a deeper shade of green. Once Ionantha begins to start its bloom cycle, the leaves start turning beautiful red/pink color which make this variety unique. Most of the Ionantha Air Plants effuse blue/purple shoot with yellow flower.

Tillandsia Air Plants do not need soil to grow, so they are very adaptable and can flourish in many different environments. Additionally, they require a moderate amount of light and need to be watered approximately once a week.

Tillandsias add natural beauty to any home and make an excellent gift for housewarming or other occasions. Air plants are perfect for terrariums, glass containers, and containers with holes or gaps that allows plenty of air flow. There are so many other creative ways to display Tillandsias, the possibilities are limited to your own imagination.


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